Joana Bastos

Joana Bastos is a multi-award-winning creative producer and international visual artist.

It is through the symbiosis between make-up, styles, creative fashion accessories, and body art that she creates and develops the most varied concepts as alternative forms of expression and communication, for productions in a business and private context.

She has a degree in Marketing Management, in which she combines her training to the art of make-up. She started by studying Professional Makeup at the Montserrat Fajardo School, and also Styling and Body-painting with Julio Quijano in Barcelona, among several other courses in Fantasy Makeup, Characterization, and Special Effects, at the StickArt Studio Professional Makeup School.

Over time, Joana Bastos has come to know several artists and professionals who inspired her to further develop her creative skills, and to specialize in areas of marketing and visual production, such as Fashion Marketing, Art Direction for Fashion at the University of the Arts London, and Production Design for cinematography with the well-known producer and set designer Allan Starski, in Berlin.

She directs and produces fashion films, nominated and awarded internationally. Her art has also been published in several national and international articles and magazines.

Joana Bastos has been developing her skills in fashion, photography, and video, offering creative solutions for her clients, where art and beauty are predominant.

Mission and Vision / Values

Joana Bastos creates beauty and originality in all her work, both in productions for companies and individuals. Her mission is to use the most diverse artistic aspects, such as make-up, props, hairstyles, styling, and body-painting as alternative forms of expression and communication.

Joana increasingly believes that brands should focus on a differentiating communication strategy through visually appealing solutions, conquering the mind and heart of the public in a more effective way.

She also defends that with her work she can provide greater self-esteem and confidence to those who seek to live a unique and self-knowledge experience, with all the originality and glamour.

Joana Bastos puts unique details in all her work, with her own particular visual aesthetic, combining all these artistic aspects, and adapting them to the surrounding scenario.

    • Jury at the prestigious London Fashion Film Festival and the UK Fashion Film Festival.

    • Presentation of her work at the See.Me Art Takes Harmony exhibition in NY.

    • Joana Bastos’ work has been published in several international magazines, and is cover of some of them, as well as in fashion film festivals.

    • The fashion film “The Flourish”, directed and produced by Joana Bastos, was awarded in the category of Best Styling at the La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival, in California, and at the London Fashion Film Festival, for the Best Makeup and Hairstyle categories.
Feb 2016-2018
    • She directed and produced the fashion film “Lilith” and received four nominations for Best Makeup, Best Hairstyle, Best Styling, and Best Accessories at the La Jolla, Cape Town, and London Fashion Film Festivals.

    • She presented her signature sunglass line “Future Glam” at Brooklyn Fashion Week in NY.

    • Joana Bastos’ work has been published in several national and international articles and magazines, such as the renowned MAKE-UP ARTIST Magazine.
    • She collaborated on an international campaign for Coca-Cola with body makeup.
    • She directed and produced the fashion film “Pure Essence”, where she mixes fantasy and creative fashion with the feminine essence of each woman. This film was selected for the Top Ten at the La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival, in California, alongside names such as Karl Lagerfeld.  
    • Internationally awarded at body-painting festivals, 1st and 3rd place, in Switzerland and Italy.

    • She won 7th place at the World Body-painting Festival, in the special effects category, with the theme “Avant Garde - Innovation, provocation”. As well as 1st place in the digital composition category, by photographer Ralf Gar.
    • Her work has been featured in newspaper articles and on television.
    • Winner of the 1st edition of the Body-painting Festival in Portugal, having been part of the jury in the following years.