Joana Bastos

Art Direction

Promote your brand through a strong and coherent visual aesthetic through video and/or photography.

Having a structured creative vision is the basis of a successful project.

Her vast experience in different artistic aspects makes Joana Bastos a professional with a great know-how to transform ideas into visual presentations, such as fashion films, documentaries, or advertisements for your brand.

Her goal is to create content that spurs emotions and captivates audiences.

Get in touch and make your idea a reality under a distinctive vision.


Whether you want a bold and unconventional style, or something more traditional and elegant, a suitable production will make your photobook (portfolio), advertising campaign, or audiovisual project stand out.

This service presents a complete solution with styling, make-up, hairstyle, props, bodyart, photography, and video.

Get in contact to schedule your session and transform your image.

Creative Fashion Consultancy

Find the perfect look with all originality and sophistication, and feel radiant!

Joana Bastos is an experienced professional who will develop a look suited to your physical characteristics and your taste, through styling, make-up, hairstyling, alternative accessories, and bodyart design, which is a piece created on the skin that will make you feel even more special!

Schedule your makeup session and make an impactful presence at that special event.


Achieve unmistakable style with an exclusive and fully personalized accessory. Show off your individuality with a unique piece, created entirely for you.

Internationally awarded in cinema, for the category of “Best Costume Design”, Joana Bastos intends to bring to you the beauty and extravagance of costume designs and props. Whether it's a garment or a headpiece, she will make you feel like a star.

All the pieces are handmade and adapted to your look, some being made from the reuse and recycling of materials, avoiding waste.

Make that occasion even more special with an accessory full of meaning.


Feel your best with makeup that suits your style and your physiognomy. Regardless of your skin type or desired look, Joana Bastos offers an excellent service that will highlight your natural beauty having a wide offer of makeup for different occasions, styles and characteristics. Amongst them:

    • Festive/Sophisticated makeup (all skin types)
    • Bridal/Groom makeup (all skin types)
    • Makeup for mature skin
    • Fashion makeup
    • Photo/video Makeup
    • Makeup for advertising/ publicity
    • Creative makeup
    • Artistic makeup
    • Couture makeup
    • Body makeup (bodypainting)
    • Bodyart design (detail on the skin)

Schedule your makeup session and make an impactful presence at that special event.


Communicate your essence in an original and differentiated way. Whether on a personal or corporate level, body makeup is the right choice for anyone who wants to stand out in the crowd. Shine on that special event, run that bold ad campaign, or allow yourself to live a new experience.

Using various painting techniques as well as combining different products, textures, props, and stylings, Joana Bastos brings her vision to life, with only her imagination as the limit.

Body makeup can be used in marketing and advertising, on photo shoots, in the fashion industry, or in various performances where visual impact is indispensable.

All of Joana Bastos’ creations are personalized and adapted to your ideas and needs.

If you have a look that you would like to see realized, get in touch and make it a reality.


Learn how to apply your own makeup or progress in your career with specialized training. Joana Bastos is a certified instructor with several years of experience that has a wide range of personal and professional training. Whether you are just starting out or are an active professional looking to obtain deeper knowledge and offer a wider range of services, you will find the solution with the differentiated and high-quality training Joana has to offer.

    • Individual Makeup Workshop
    • Modular Social Makeup Training (festive/ sophisticated makeup, bridal/groom makeup, makeup for mature skin, makeup for brown/ Asian skin, fashion makeup)
    • Intensive Airbrushing Course applied to Social and Artistic Makeup with an Introduction to Bodypainting
    • Workshop of Makeup for photography
    • Intensive Creative Makeup Course for Fashion and Advertising
    • Bodypainting Workshop

If you have any questions about the training offers, or if you are looking for personalized training, contact us.