Joana Bastos


This consultancy happens in 2 phases. The first consists of 2 private online sessions (approximately 1:30h), to understand the type of work requested and where suggestions will be presented. The second phase is in person and will be for the realization of the chosen look. Feel extraordinary with a personalized look adapted to you.

Feel extraordinary with a personalized look adapted to you.

Schedule your makeup session and make an impactful presence at that special event.


Achieve unmistakable style with an exclusive and fully personalized accessory. Show off your individuality with a unique piece, created entirely for you.

Internationally awarded in cinema, for the category of “Best Costume Design”, Joana Bastos intends to bring to you the beauty and extravagance of costume designs and props. Whether it's a garment or a headpiece, she will make you feel like a star.

All the pieces are handmade and adapted to your look, some being made from the reuse and recycling of materials, avoiding waste.

Make that occasion even more special with a meaningful accessory.


Feel at your best with a make-up that suits your style and physiognomy.

Feel your best with makeup that suits your style and your physiognomy. Regardless of your skin type or desired look, Joana Bastos offers an excellent service that will highlight your natural beauty having a wide offer of makeup for different occasions, styles and characteristics. Amongst them:

    • Festive/Sophisticated makeup (all skin types)
    • Bridal/Groom makeup (all skin types)
    • Makeup for mature skin
    • Fashion makeup
    • Photo/video Makeup
    • Makeup for advertising/ publicity
    • Creative makeup
    • Artistic makeup
    • Couture makeup
    • Body makeup (bodypainting)
    • Bodyart design (detail on the skin)

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